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(December 5th, 2019)


    Friend, do you have a problem with time?   You say you never have enough time?  Well, hang on, because I want to share some ideas with you today that will at least give you a different way to look at time.

    Perhaps, more than any of us probably realize, our days are shaped by the clock.  The clock tells us when to get up, when to leave for work, when to eat lunch, when to head for home in the evening and, finally, when to go to bed.

    The clock also tells us something else.  It tells us we are timed.  We only have so much time between the time of birth and the time of death.  The clock ticks off this interval in seconds, minutes, hours, days, years.  The clock records the quantity of time, but it tells us little about the meaning of time.  It doesn’t tell me whether I’m doing the things I should be doing to fill my days with meaning.  It says nothing of the priorities of my life.  And unless I deliberately think about time, I’m apt to awaken near the end of my life very discouraged about the way I’ve spent my time.

    So what can I do about this?  Here is a critical idea: You and I have all the time we need to do everything we really need to do in our life.  I believe that.  However, I realize this will be your personal story only if you think about what you are doing with your life.  In regard to what I have just stated, I’d like to ask the following question, are you doing the important things?

    One way to determine whether you are doing the important things is to ask this question: If you knew you only had another week to live, what would you do with this week?  Well, Does your answer have any connection to the way you are living your life today?

    If you’re honest, your answer will lead you to consider the most critical things in your life.  And you will be encouraged to structure your present life so that it provides for what would be most important to you if you only had one more week to live. 

    Friend, there is enough time this week to do what is really important.  There is time to write that letter, look deeply into the eyes of those you love, deal with a problem in a relationship, or let someone know how much they mean to you.  There is also enough time for joy, time to look at the sky, time to live…time for those things that will help your life love to happen!   There is also enough time not to neglect your education for the well-lived life!

    So think about it this week: You have all the time you need to do everything you need to do in life.  Let this idea soak in, and go down deep.  And then…do something about it!

    Friend, here’s to a week of having time for what’s important!  If you would like some help in achieving this, we’d be happy to send you a FREE copy of “THE SUCCESS PLAN.”   Our address is: Discovering A BETTER LIFE, P.O. Box 1540, Albany WA 6331.  Telephone: 98 418 418.   Email:   For more encouragement we invite you to visit our web site:

“We’re all creatures of habit. Repeat an action enough times

And it becomes habitual —– an unconscious behaviour.

Here’s a worthwhile habit to work on developing:

Each day, “catch” at least one person doing

Something good…….  and praise them.

Over time, you’ll acquire a natural

Tendency to focus on the good things!”

(Eric Harvey) 

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Look to the Lord for Strength

Today’s Message of Encouragement from

(Stories of Real People, Real Events, Real Places)
Is dedicated to providing Spiritual FOOD FOR THOUGHT

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(John 10:10)

(Ron Bainbridge Editor)
(October 28th, 2019)


           Friends, it seems like in this day and age, futurology is a favourite pastime. Some of our expert sociologists are looking into the crystal ball and forecasting good news: Female life expectancy in Australia will increase; medical science offers the hope of a cure for cancer and heart disease; and population growth in Australia appears to be under control.

However, others gaze into the future and make us anxious: The Australian population is growing older. This is good news, but there will be fewer wage earners supporting more elderly people. And many are asking, “Will we exhaust the resources for taking care of those who retire?”

On the other hand, there is a realistic fear which is not unhealthy. It is based on common sense, in which we look for safeguards to protect us from danger. – However, the kind of fear each of us need to overcome, is the fear that paralyzes or harms us, the fear that diminishes our effectiveness, or keeps us from living a full life.

One recent study indicates that 40 percent of what the average person fears never happens. Another 30 percent deals with old decisions which cannot be changed! It also indicated that 12 percent of fears relates to other people’s criticism. — This criticism is probably untrue and does not matter.   Ten percent of our fears, this study concludes, are related to our health and these fears are self-defeating.   Well, if this study is accurate, only 8 percent of the average person’s fears actually relate to a true problem. Even then, fear makes us less capable of dealing with the real problem.

How Anxiety Feels

Friend, when Jesus saw the faces of people who worried about jobs, adequate clothing, and many of the things we tend to worry about. He said, “Don’t be anxious…” (Matthew 6:25). If we could only grasp the faith Jesus had in His/Our Father in Heaven who cares even for sparrows and lilies in the field, we would not be so anxious.

Yet there is another side to the story. People in our world lose their jobs, their health, and their loved ones. And in regard to this, almost two thousand years ago, Jesus told His disciples, “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows” (John 16:33). So as far as the pressures and inevitable struggles each of us experience in this world. That’s simply what it means to be alive!

Friends, the Bible assures us that Jesus was human. It records that in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus experienced a difficult night because He knew what lay ahead. In His prayer, which we find recorded in Matthew 26:39, Jesus said: “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me,” He reveals to us His terrible suffering.

Then, in the book of Hebrews, chapter 5, verse 7, we read where it is said of Jesus: “That while He was here on earth He pleaded with God, praying with tears and agony of soul to the only one who would save Him from (premature) death. And God heard His prayers because of His strong desire to obey God at all times.” — Those words reveal to us that Jesus found no pleasure in suffering and dying, but that He chose to endure pain and humiliation in order to obey His Father.

In a sense, it helps us to know that Jesus had moments of fear. His followers also know what it means to be afraid of bad health and death. But we are never alone in our fears. And we can draw comfort in the knowledge that He knows! And although Jesus knew fear, He did not allow it to destroy Him. He feared His own death, but He did not run away from it. In fact, Jesus faced His captors with the strength He received from God, immediately after His frightened moments in Gethsemane.

God has not given us the spirit of fear

Some time ago, a minister told of a funeral he conducted for a man who had taken his own life. In a note left to his family, the man explained that he had discovered a painful lump in his side a few days before. Both of his parents had died of cancer. In his note he wrote, “I am taking the easy way out.” The tragedy is that he took this extreme action without even consulting a doctor. When the result of the autopsy was made known, the lump was found to be benign. — If only he had not run away from the problem!

Friend, there is no doubt that it helps to admit our fears to others. Indeed, those closest to us have their own fears, so they can provide help as we work through our anxieties. Sometimes we can find great support in a group where several people work through their fears together. Just imagine how many other parents are anxious over their responsibilities to their children. Imagine how many other people are concerned about their health.

Fears can cripple us if we remain alone. But we can cope, if we are willing to share our anxieties with others. It is true that fear is one of the greatest enemies of the happy, successful life. But we do not have to be defeated by fear.


Perhaps you’re asking is there any way to avoid fear, to conquer it? Well, the answer is yes!

Friend, if you would like us to send you a booklet explaining “How to Overcome Fear,” we’d be pleased to do so. To receive your complimentary copy, just write to Discovering A BETTER LIFE, P.O. Box 1540, Albany, Western Australia 6331 and ask for: “How to Overcome Fear”. Or Email us at:

Discovering A BETTER LIFE



Discovering A BETTER LIFE


Dear Christians, Stop Saying “Everything Happens for a Reason”

I spent years searching for answers, trying to find reasons that would bring an end to my pain. I thought that if I could find the cause, I could treat the condition.

By Christine Suhan

Have you ever found yourself, in the midst of unimaginable grief, pain, heartache or despair, wondering how you are going to make it through another day? Wondering where your next breath is going to come from? Your world has crumbled beneath you and you are left feeling shattered, empty and hopeless.

And then a well meaning friend or family member comes along and drops the infamous “Everything happens for a reason” bomb. You smile kindly and nod—that’s all you can do to keep yourself from punching them in the face.

You can’t possibly…

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Dear Christians, Stop Saying “Everything Happens for a Reason”

I spent years searching for answers, trying to find reasons that would bring an end to my pain. I thought that if I could find the cause, I could treat the condition.

By Christine Suhan

Have you ever found yourself, in the midst of unimaginable grief, pain, heartache or despair, wondering how you are going to make it through another day? Wondering where your next breath is going to come from? Your world has crumbled beneath you and you are left feeling shattered, empty and hopeless.

And then a well meaning friend or family member comes along and drops the infamous “Everything happens for a reason” bomb. You smile kindly and nod—that’s all you can do to keep yourself from punching them in the face.

You can’t possibly imagine a reason for what just happened. 

The more you stew about a possible reason for your pain, the angrier you become. You try desperately to make sense of a situation that won’t ever make sense. You reach for answers but none come.

I spent years searching for answers, trying to find reasons that would bring an end to my pain. I thought that if I could find the cause, I could treat the condition. But what I found through years of searching, experiencing and living is that often there is no reason for why tragedy has occurred.

Sometimes bad things happen for no reason other than we are human beings having a human experience. Pain, heartache, grief, loss, disease and death are inevitable parts of the human experience. 

We hear people say “Life dealt me a crappy hand” as if pain and hardships are not the norm. We assume that life is supposed to be easy and when things don’t go our way, we feel like we have been wronged. Human beings seem to have an innate sense of entitlement. We think that we are owed a pain-free existence.

But the truth is that human beings are not exempt from the human experience. And struggle is an innate part of the human experience. None of us are exceptions to this rule. We all struggle. We all suffer. We all experience pain, heartache and loss. And sometimes, there’s just no reason other than we are human and pain is a part of the process.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who was struggling to find peace with “God’s plan” for her life including the recent death of a loved one.

“How could this possibly be God’s will?” she asked.

Here’s what I’ve come to know about God’s will:

God’s will is not the path we walk, but rather how we walk the path. 

God’s plan is never for someone to have cancer. God’s will is not for an innocent child to be brutally murdered. God’s will is not for a teenage girl to be raped. God’s will is not chronic pain, illness, disability or death.

God’s will is not an event that happens to us, it’s how we respond to what happens. 

God’s will for us is to walk with Him through the cancer. Through the abuse. Through the death. Through the illness. God’s will is for us to draw close to him in the midst of pain. God’s will is for us to use our painful life events to carry his message of hope, grace, forgiveness and mercy. 

God’s plan was never for pain to be part of the human experience. His plan was for us to live in peace and harmony with Him. The human experience became painful when sin entered the world. Our own free will weaved threads of tragedy, loss, heartache and pain into the human experience.

God is not responsible for our pain. We are not responsible for our pain. What happened in the Garden of Eden is responsible for the human condition. And the human condition is hard wired for pain and suffering. God is not causing us to hurt. He is hurting with us. What we do with our hurt is what matters. How we handle tragedy is what brings purpose into our pain.

There’s hardly ever a justifiable reason for the bad things that happen in life. Tragic loss is not laced with inherent specs of good. I used to get so mad when people would say, “You can find good in every situation.” That’s just not true. There was nothing good about being raped. There is no good in murder or abuse. We have to create the good. We have to choose to respond in a way that brings good into an impossible situation. We have to choose to give purpose and meaning to our suffering.

Friend, troubles you are experiencing in your life, may be as a result of a health problem; a financial setback; a problem with your family; a neighbour problem; the loss of a loved one; or some other challenge.  If so, and if you would like to find yourself in a place where trouble can’t hurt you, I invite you to write for our FREE booklet titled WHERE TROUBLE CAN’T HURT YOUTo receive your copy by return mail, Just write to: Discovering A BETTER LIFE, P.O. Box 1540, Albany WA 6331 You can also telephone your request on: 9841 8418.   Email:   For more words of encouragement, we invite you to visit our website: and take a look at our related pages.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, please let us know.


Would you Kick a Blind Man?

Friend, would you kick a blind man?  Could you think yourself just in adding to the agony of any struggling soul?  Most of us would be horrified at the very thought of doing such a thing.  Yet sometimes, surely without intending to do harm and with no desire to speak irreverently of God, we stomp hearts that are already broken and lay the blame for some of life’s greatest tragedies at the feet of a loving God!

However, most of the things that happen in this world are NOT God’s will!

The newspaper carries a report of a four-year-old girl who was abducted, raped, and beaten to death.  How dare anyone say it was the will of God!  A God who arranges such fates for children would be a wicked, contemptible, and offensive deity.  Or how dare anyone say the little girl “deserved” what happened to her because of something wicked she had done!  No child could execute a deed so wicked as to deserve such a punishment.

What of a family driving home from church services that is killed when a drunk veers across the freeway and hits their car head-on?  What about the most spiritual person you have ever known, who nevertheless died of cancer and suffered terribly?  What of the baby born with Downs Syndrome, or with only one arm?

If such things are attributed to God, how can we expect people to love Him?  If we believe such things happen only to people who deserve them, how can we be justified in feeling compassion for them and trying to relieve their pain?

    The book of Job is in the Bible to warn us away from the false notion that suffering is a sure sign of God’s displeasure with someone, or a punishment for some sin.  Jesus fought the same false view throughout his ministry among men.  For example, when he was told about the deaths of some Galileans at the hands of Pilate, he asked, “Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans, because they suffered thus?” (Luke 13:2).

Suffering is random in the world!  The laws of nature do not make exceptions for nice people, useful people, or the people you love most.  A bullet fired into a brain or a car out of control will kill prime ministers or assassins, doctors or drug dealers.  Precisely because of the randomness of suffering, life isn’t always fair.  Good people die horrible deaths, and scoundrels live comfortably into old age.

Therefore, it is false theology which teaches that everything in human lives happens because God wills it.  We’ve all heard (and maybe even used) such statements as “We have no right to question the will of God,”  “It’s for the best,” or “It is God’s will, and we must submit.”  I repeat: Most of what happens in this world is not God’s will.

Friend, let me ask you again, would you kick a blind man?  Would you do anything to hurt or further complicate the life of someone who is hurting or in despair?  Of course not!  And neither would the God in whose image you have been created.

It is a serious mistake to hold God responsible for human woes.  And to help explain why such a view is mistaken, I’d be happy to send you a small booklet titled “Would You Kick A Blind Man?”  This booklet provides a clearer view of God’s nature and might make a difference in your own life between faith and unbelief, courage and bitterness, life and death!  To receive your FREE copy, just write to Discovering A BETTER LIFE, P.O. Box 1540, Albany W.A. 6331.  You may also request “Would You Kick A Blind Man?” by Phone on: 98 418 418, or via E-mail at:

“Beginning today, consider everyone you meet, as if they were Going to be dead by midnight. Extend them all the care, Kindness, and understanding you can muster.

Your life will never be the same again!” Og Mandino




Friend, if you were faced with the question of does it take more courage to live, or does it take more courage to die?  Which would be more difficult to face?  How would you respond?  Vittorio Alfier responds, “Often the test of courage becomes rather to live than to die.”  Well, I have to agree with that because I believe it takes more courage to live and face life’s struggles, than it takes to die and escape the struggles.

Many times I have heard persons express their desire to die rather than to live when faced with a difficult challenge.  Suicide has become an easy way out for some (Over the years, I have had many different people write to me who are survivors of a loved one’s suicide); others attempt to escape through drugs and alcohol.  The heroes in this world aren’t just those rare souls who respond in an emergency.  Heroes are persons who, day after day, like you, face seemingly impossible situations with positive-action attitudes.  They hang on!

What is courage?  You may think this is a silly question because, after all, doesn’t everyone know courage when they see it.  NO!  Webster defines courage as: “The attitude of facing and dealing with anything recognized as dangerous, difficult, or painful, instead of withdrawing from it; the quality of being fearless or brave.”  Courage, therefore, faces and deals with life’s challenges.

Most people are hoping and searching for a trouble-free world.  They will never find it.  Trouble is what makes us tougher for the longer distances of life.  Harry Emerson Fosdick, the American preacher and writer, said: “He who faces no calamity or hardship will need no courage.  Mysterious though it is, the characteristics in human nature which we love best grow in soil with a strong mixture of troubles.”

Wealth can’t buy a trouble-free life.  And you can’t build a house with walls thick enough to keep frustrations and trials outside.  They just happen to come to all of us sooner or later!

Friend, you and I wouldn’t recognize joy if there wasn’t sorrow! In a sense, life sees to it that we have contrasts of good times and bad times – joy and sorrow – ups and downs.  Sooner or later, however, we all come to the “Red Sea” place in life.

Have you come to the Red Sea place in your life,

Where in spite of all you can do,

There is no way out, there is no way back,

There is no way but – Through?

Then wait on the Lord with trust serene,

Till the night of fear is gone;

He will send the winds; He will keep the floods,

When He says to your soul, “Go on!”

Annie Johnston Flint

Friend, your “Red Sea” may be a health problem; a financial setback; a problem with your family; a neighbour problem; the loss of a loved one; or some other challenge.  Whatever it is, God will take you through it and you will once again “walk on dry land.”  All you need do is trust God!   If you would like to receive a free booklet titled “WHERE TROUBLE CAN’T HURT YOU”, I’d be pleased to send you one.  Just write to me at P.O. Box 1540, Albany WA 6331 and I will send you a copy by return mail.  You can also Phone your request on: (08) 98 418 418.   Email:

“Success is not measured by what a person accomplishes,

But by the opposition they have encountered, and the

Courage with which they have maintained the

Struggle against overwhelming odds.”

Orison Swett Marden

Discovering A BETTER LIFE




                   In her book, which she titled PassagesGail Sheehy describes the traumatic Bloody Sunday incident in Ireland.  She relates that, as a reporter, she was trapped on a balcony during the shooting and thought she was going to die in the battle.  This brush with death dramatically changed her life: her marriage broke up, her work suffered, and she developed a fear of flying.  — But as she struggled with these personal failures, she wrote her book Passages, which deals with the crises of life.

                   Friend, I believe that it would be true to say, that we all experience emotional hurt, disappointment and failure at some time in our life! – Perhaps it’s a divorce, or being made redundant from a job that we really enjoyed, or it might have been a bitter end to a close relationship.  On the other hand, some of us might feel that life is going by too quickly, and that we are not accomplishing what we really wanted to do with our life.  Sometimes this sense of failure can be overwhelming, and we might begin to feel a little like Humpty Dumpty—broken in pieces at the foot of life’s wall. – HOWEVER THE BIG QUESTION IS: HOW DO WE OVERCOME BAD MEMORIES? – How can we go on living, when the events of the past cast such a long shadow in the present?

Friend, if the memories of YOUR failures and disappointments are imprisoning YOU and disturbingly becoming the plot of YOUR dreams by repeatedly running through your mind, then I sincerely hope that the thoughts I shall be sharing with you today, might help YOU to defeat those negative memories.

First of all, I encourage you to look back to a day, or an hour, when you overcame the past. – Because that’s a point YOU CAN look back to and say, “I changed then! So no matter what I have done, my life will be different from now on.” That friends, is the decision the defeated political aspirant makes in his or her mind to stand for election again. – It is also the moment when the prospective father begins to look for a better job in order to support his family.

                   Well, the second thing I want to encourage you to do today, is for YOU to make the effort to work through the emotions of YOUR past failures. – You see, breaking the cycle of FAILURE in OUR life, involves admitting OUR mistakes and being truly sorry for them. This means honestly telling God about OUR FAILURE, not just once, but repeatedly. Doing this will free US permanently from inner turmoil and damaged feelings from the past. It’s also helpful to bounce OUR feelings about the past off a good friend.  And perhaps, we will need to do that on a number of occasions, in order to express OUR strong inner feelings.

Friend, it’s important that YOU and I learn to do this, because the raw edges of OUR anger or depression, or grief or tension, will NOT heal until we begin to feel a sense of gratitude for our FAILURES, or until we can think about the event or situation without being upset. – You see, often it is OUR emotions that keep OUR past FAILURES painfully present in OUR memory. – So if YOU can let go of YOUR negative emotions, the memory of them can be pleasantly dimmed.

The third thing I’d like to encourage YOU to do today, is to fill YOUR mind with good, healthy thoughts. – Set YOUR mind on a different lifestyle. – Seek out a new group of friends. – Look for fresh topics of conversation. – Motivate yourself to buy some positive reading material and begin to look ahead!

My final word of encouragement for YOU today, is for YOU make the effort to open up YOUR Bible and read it every day.  If you’ll do this, it will have a dramatic effect on YOUR outlook on life.  Interestingly, this marvellous Book was written by people who sometimes experienced drastic FAILURE in their own lives. But what they wrote provides US with THEIR fresh look on life and their INSPIRED guidelines for successful living. – You see, the Bible clearly indicates to us, that by giving time to prayer, to serving God and our neighbours, and meditating on its marvellous message, WE will be able to squeeze the bitter memories of the past into an obscure corner of OUR minds.

Friend, God’s love will never give up on US; — It’s “a love that will never let us go”, and we can have absolute confidence, that if we place OUR TRUST in Him, He will give OUR broken hearts new dreams.

However, if YOU are still experiencing difficulty with a nagging memory that seems to tear at YOUR soul and YOU really want to find deeper meaning for YOUR life, we invite you to contact us for a FREE Booklet titled Letting Go of Painful Memories.  This insightful booklet will reveal to YOU how the Lord’s healing power can permanently release YOU from inner turmoil and damaged feelings. To receive your copy of our booklet, write to Discovering A BETTER LIFE, P.O. Box 1540, Albany, WA 6331 Our phone number is: 98 418 418 or Email us at: We also invite you to visit our Website:

Discovering A BETTER LIFE


My name is Ron Bainbridge and for the past 50-years I have been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  At present my wife (Moya) and I serve our Lord with THE BRIDGE Christian Fellowship in Albany, Western Australia.

During the past 30 years we have been privileged to co-ordinate a media ministry offering messages of hope and encouragement through both radio and numerous newspapers. For many years our column appeared each week in the Albany Advertiser/EXTRA.   In 1990, while Graham Greenwood was editor of the Elders Farm WEEKLY, (Western Australia’s largest rural newspaper), he agreed to take on board our column, which appeared each week in that newspaper until 2008.

When Graham returned to South Australia in 2003 to become Manager/Publisher of The Border Watch he invited us to present our column in The Border Watch which is published in Mount Gambier.  Our column has also appeared in other newspapers, such as the Goldfields EXPRESS, Great Southern Advocate, Dongara/Denison Local Rag, Kulin Cultivator, and the Snag Island News. It is still being published regularly in the Dongara/Denison Local Rag and the Snag Island News.

The primary aim of our Discovering A BETTER LIFE articles and Radio messages is to make available positive messages of hope and encouragement to help men and women find hope and meaning for their lives by empathizing with their needs, hurts, and successes.

Today, entire families in many cities and rural areas of our nation are obtaining very little satisfaction out of life.  In fact, many with whom we counsel have difficulty in dealing with interpersonal problems.  They are often anxious, depressed and sometimes anti-social, even to the point of outright hostility!  Some are even suicidal.  However, we are convinced that many people who are burdened by these worries can be helped to live courageous lives in an insecure and discouraging society, if only they are offered some positive encouragement.

We are personally committed to helping men and women live courageous lives in an increasingly insecure and discouraging world and the messages we share through our newspaper columns are centered in providing emotional and spiritual support on an entirely non-denominational basis.

The hundreds of Letters, Phone calls, Faxes, and Emails we receive each year from readers of our Discovering A BETTER column clearly indicate that some special needs are being met through what we are privileged to present.    Many of which, are now posted on our website:

Ron Bainbridge: Coordinator of Discovering A BETTER LIFE

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